Monday, March 23, 2009

I got put on a minute ago but i guess i wasn't really into it for sum reason idk but NOW!? ENTOURAGE IS MY SHIT!

YO if you know me know you know I FUCKS WITH THIS SHOW ALL DAY LONG(literally)! This show is the makes me want to be a movie star, asshole agent, by the way ari is my favorite character, he's that nigga(white dude), uummm where was i? oh'yes! drama is my dude tooo, and turtle all day and E is the glue tht keeps these dudes in one piece........VINCE!? the money maker pussy magnet, like he just get pussy thrown at him like all day long! but other than tht this show is OFFICIAL! watch it if you already haven't and if you don't like it than idk was good with you mayne........idk i can't help you, you must not get LIFE idk?? haha

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